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Talking to the Tiger

Muse, Courage and Spirit

The Muse Within
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The tiger flew onto my windowsill on a hot, steamy July day, when I was feeling most sorry for myself. "Why are you so unhappy?" he said.

"I hate my life," I said. "I work all the time, I want to create, I want to be myself. I'm not. I'm not." Hot tears stung my eyes, but I wasn't going to cry in front of a mythical tiger.

"That's why I'm here," said the tiger. "I want you to enjoy your life. I want you to create. Most of all, I want you to be happy."

And I wept. And we talked deep into the night about many things. And I decided that some things were very important, and others were not. And I knew that other friends needed to talk to the tiger as well.


Welcome to furwings. This community is moderated by mafdet and awelkin.

The winged tiger of Phil Yeh has been inspiring artists for years. Many of our community members are artists looking for support during the difficult times in creative endeavor. Some of our members are looking for ways to live positively, optimistically, or authentically. Many of us are looking for both.

Please be positive while you are here. Talk about that which makes you happy. Talk about your dreams and aspirations. Appreciate your fellow members. You can ask members for a pat on the back, but please do not use this community for continual succorance seeking.

Anything positive goes. Appreciate the things you have. Enjoy what life is showing you. Reflect on lessons and needs. Dreams and hopes are the stuff we are made of. Share them with us. Show us your creations and your love, for yourself, for your dreams, and for each other. Because the tiger says so.

As the winged tiger moves you, post creatively and freely, and live a good life with the courage to live it well.